Chinese chicken & rice bowl; quick, easy and full of flavor! | in my Red Kitchen #chiciken #chinesechicken #chicken #hoisin #recipe #rice #stirfry #foodtruck #FoodTruckTuesday

Food Truck Tuesday – Chinese chicken rice bowl

Chinese chicken & rice bowl; quick, easy and full of flavor! | in my Red Kitchen #chiciken #chinesechicken #chicken #hoisin #recipe #rice #stirfry #foodtruck #FoodTruckTuesday

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Chinese kip en rijst bowl

Can you believe it’s already October? Jeez time flies when you’re having fun. And again it’s the first Tuesday of the month and that means Food Truck Tuesday of course! Time for another recipe, made with Food Truck inspiration.

I love bowls. Big bowls, small bowls, bowls in a cute color or bowls with a hip print. They are all more than welcome in my kitchen. I have more bowls than I have plates and they come in all sizes. I like to serve side dishes or garnishes in small bowls, and preferably ‘mix and match’. We eat our dinner often in deep plates, or large Asian bowls. Definitely always if we are using chopsticks, but also if we’re enjoying a tv-dinner because we’re in the

Chinese "pizza" is a great snack, it's filled with mustard greens and bacon! | in my Red Kitchen

Chinese pizza with mustard greens

Chinese "pizza" is a great snack, it's filled with mustard greens and bacon! | in my Red Kitchen

‘Chinese sauerkraut’, that’s how my Chinese aunt calls mustard greens. And she is right, it dóes taste a little like sauerkraut.

I can remember eating a kind of pita bread filled with sour greens and onion in China. One of my aunts cousins (or at least that’s what I think he was) took us on a day trip into the mountains while we where there. No idea where these mountains were, but it sure was beautiful! We drove the whole day and at one point we stopped at a river for a swim.

Chinese-style stir-fried rice cakes with napa cabbage

Chinese-style stir-fried rice cakes with napa cabbage | in my Red Kitchen I have no idea why I haven’t posted a recipe with stir-fried rice cakes before since I make it at least once a month.

And for a food bloggers that’s quite often! You see, as a food blogger you are always trying out new recipes and cooking something you haven’t made before so you can post it on your blog. Believe me, that’s really a down side of blogging 🙁

Photoblog: Chinese Food Tour in the San Gabriel Valley

Chengdu Taste
Chengdu Taste

Hey guys, I’m trying something new here, I’m photoblogging today!
Last week I met up with my Meetup friends for a Regional Chinese Food Tour in the San Gabriel Valley, hosted by Clarissa Wei. Clarissa is a LA-based writer specialized in Chinese food and culture and she took us to 5 different restaurants.

Today I’ll be sharing the pictures of all the food we ate at this tour!

We started the tour with Sichuan food at Chengdu Taste, a restaurant that has been open for only 5 months now but is really succesful. There was a long line by the time we left!
Sichuan food means spicy food, so brace yourself!

Chengdu-Taste-2 Mung bean jelly noodle with chili sauce. Whoa! That’s a good way to wake up and open up your taste buds!

Chinese Scallion Pancakes incl step-byb-step photo's! | in my Red Kitchen

Chinese scallion pancakes

Chinese Scallion Pancakes incl step-byb-step photo's! | in my Red Kitchen

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Chung Yau Ban – Lenteui koeken

I really really really could eat these everyday, that’s how much I like them.
And I know what I’m talking about because this is what I often ate for breakfast in China. In 2010 I went with my Chinese aunt to her family in China, to a little village at an 8 hour drive south of Shanghai. These Chinese scallion pancakes were our breakfast, as well as some delicious steamed buns.

I really wish I could tell you I learned how to make these pancakes in the village where my aunt grew up,

Baozi – Chinese steamed buns

I was about to give you this recipe for delicious Baozi last week but something came up. I already wrote a text about the old food photos on my Dutch blog when I saw there were quite some photos missing on my Dutch blog.

Oh no! How could that happen?

Well, that was my own stupid fault.

Baozi with pulled pork P2

I started blogging on in May last year, but after a few months

Chinese Pulled Pork

I had a dream.

Well, not actually a dream, it was more like a day dream. I was day dreaming of a soft steamed Chinese bun filled with tender pulled pork.

I had the dream about this delicious meal after having lunch at Take A Bao in the Century City Mall. I had a bao with hoisin pork and it was good! After my bao lunch I went to see the Jennifer Aniston movie We’re the Millers, the lens of my camera was ‘kaput’ so I decided to take a day off. And I knew P didn’t need to see that movie so if I wanted to see it I had to go alone. And I could do that during the day!

chinese pulled pork

I liked the movie, I was laughing my ass off but all I could think of was baozi and Chinese pulled pork.

review: Mama Lu’s Dumpling House

I’m on a quest. Yes, just like those little hobbits. But I don’t have to endure scary things to throw a golden ring in the fire in order to save our world.
No, my quest is different, my quest contains Chinese food!

In Amsterdam I loved to go out for dim sum, I did that at least once a month. So in the first week after arriving in Los Angeles friends took us to Empress Pavilion in Chinatown, to have some dim sum. I liked the big chaotic dining hall with noisy Chinese people and waitresses with push carts. It reminded me of China, although I didn’t had dim sum during the month I was there three years ago.

I thought I was done, I found my new favorite dim sum place which served delicious food.

But unfortunately Empress Pavilion suddenly closed a month later, at the beginning of June 🙁

So now I’m on a quest to find the best dim sum in the Los Angeles area.

Different lists direct me to the East, so yesterday Christine from Feed My Sole and I went out for dim sum at Mama Lu’s Dumpling House, in Monterey Park.

Mama Lu's

No push carts here, but a menu in Chinese ánd English.

Chinese Chicken Skewers

Summer has begun and we bought a barbecue grill last weekend. I’m the cook at home, P once said he can prepare food but he can’t cook. That’s exactly how it is! But when it comes to grilling, he’s my man!

Three years ago -when P & I just met- I invited some friends over for a barbecue party at my roof terrace. I would practically be away the whole summer so this would be a nice thing to do before I had to miss all the fun that summer. And of course I already figured out this was a nice opportunity to see P again, I already had a small crush on him 😉

Chinese chicken skewers p

Luckily he showed up, bringing some shrimps in a fantastic marinade. ‘Wow, a man who can cook!’ I thought, and I liked him even more.