Welkom! (that’s Dutch for ‘welcome’)

10 things you should know about me:

  • I like to clean the kitchen sink with soft scrub. I like the actual scrubbing but most of all the shiny bright sink afterwards
  • I’m the oldest of 4 and I didn’t like it having ‘so much’ siblings growing up. But now I wouldn’t want to miss them for the world.
  • I’m not a native English speaker/writer (so please be nice to me ;-))
  • I don’t like bell peppers, olives, mangoes, organ meat or raw tomatoes (unfortunately)
  • I like grocery stores, especially abroad
  • I spent 2 years in art school until I decided I’m not an artist
  • I’m always trying to lose weight but I realise I will never be a thin girl (that’s not a good combination isn’t it?)
  • You can wake me up at night for some good limoncello, macarons, authentic pancetta, truffle, risotto, lemon meringue pie, good quality chocolate, real butter, garlic knots, home made bread and a Dutch shrimp ‘kroket’.
  • I like skirts and dresses and my flipflops. When I walk around on high heels or wedges I feel like a lady, which is nice too 😉
  • I have the best husband in the world but it was never our intention to get married.


So I’m Ellen, a 35 year old Dutchie living in San Diego (California) with my husband ‘P’ and daughter Stella. Maybe you already found my Dutch foodblog inmyredkitchen.nl but on this website I will tell you all about my food and myself, living this sunny life in San Diego (and previously LA).

(yes, this is a blond me on a boat in the Netherlands)


I’m totally into home made food and I like to make the products that you normally buy in the store myself, like tortillas, bread, pasta sauce and marinades.

I started my blog ‘in my Red Kitchen’ living in Amsterdam and cooking in a red kitchen. My LA kitchen was black, and my San Diego kitchen is white!
As you can see I’m not a native English speaker and writer but I will try my best 😉


You can contact me by sending an email: info[a]inmyredkitchen.com

Have a good one & enjoy my blog!

  1. I did follow you in Dutch, no here in the US-version (but I’m not a stalker).
    No olives, organs or raw tomatoes? Same here, icluding currants and raisins …

    1. Nice to hear that Paul!
      No currants and raisins? I eat raisins every day, love them!

  2. Hi Ellen!

    Is was wondering how you were doing, so I found your webpage.
    I really respect your guts to move to the USA. 🙂
    I will read your stories and maybe I can be inspired by them, because I like cooking myself. The Indian kitchen is my favorite.
    For now have a really good time out there!

    Greetz Nicole

    1. Nicole! So nice you’ve found me (and my blog!) 🙂
      How are you? It’s been a long time!
      I’ve just posted an Indian curry recipe, hope you like it!


  3. Being a chili lover I’m ready to try your recipe and hope it comes close to my “Deep Creek Chili”. But I was disappointed to see the ingredients for the cornbread all listed in metric. Sure I could look up everything and convert but….

    1. Thank you for your comment Garry. The recipe for the cornbread is exactly as I received it from The Chili Philosopher, and I decided to keep it that way. I grew up with the metric system and I can work with both. Also I figured everybody has a kitchen scale by now, right? 😉

  4. Huzarensalad …yeaaaah can t wait to try it. I had lots each time I visited Holland , Oss actually.
    greetings from the french Riviera

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