Roasted Brussels sprouts with almonds

Roasted Brussels sprouts with parmesan cheese and almonds, perfect side dish for the holidays! | in my Red Kitchen

Brussels sprouts. Something I didn’t like when I was young, I should believe my mother. But I can’t remember that I ever ate Brussels sprouts when I was little so I honestly wouldn’t know it.

Maybe it’s just a thing you know, kids don’t like Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are ‘yuck’ so kids don’t eat it.

But now I know better. You too? Because Continue reading

Guacamole with beet and apple

Guacamole with beet and apple | in my Red Kitchen #guacamole #Mexican #beets #apple

Today you can find a new recipe by me on the blog of Simone, Simone’s Kitchen.

Simone herself is vacationing for a month with her ​​lazy ass in Indonesia and she asked me to write a guestblog for during her absence. No I’m kidding. Not about the guest blog but about her lazy ass. Simone is one of the hardest working people I know, and I often think, ‘How does she do it ?’.
Muchos respectos for Simone and I hope they are enjoying their vacation immensely!!

You should follow her Facebook page, I already saw some nice pictures from Indonesia passing by.

And after that you should go to Simone’s Kitchen for my recipe for Guacamole with beet and apple!

A surprising combination that is oh so yummy. And also perfect for Fall, right?

Guacamole with beet and apple | in my Red Kitchen #guacamole #Mexican #beets #apple



Chickpea soup with spinach

Chickpea soup with spinach. Is it winter yet? | in my Red Kitchen #chickpea #soup #fall #winter #spinach #spinachsoup

- Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Kikkererwtensoep met spinazie -

You know it’s fall when you’re craving chickpea soup with spinach! This soup is one of my favorites as it has two of my favorites: chickpeas and spinach!

6-year old Ellen would have never thought that spinach would be one of 32-year old Ellen’s favorites ;-) I hated spinach, as well as lots Continue reading

Slow cooker pasta meat sauce

Slow cooker pasta sauce, it's the pasta sauce from my dreams! | in my Red Kitchen #pastasauce #slowcooker #slowcookerpasta #pasta

I love my Crock-Pot and for a long time now I was trying to make the perfect slow cooker pasta meat sauce. I really love a good pasta sauce, with lots of flavor and lots of meat. You don’t need lots of herbs, just use good canned tomatoes and let the sauce simmer for a long time.

Even though I’m at home all the time, I love Continue reading

Cheesecake with Dutch stroopwafels

My contribution to the LA Cake Club: a Stroopwafel cheesecake! | in my Red Kitchen #stroopwafel #cheesecake #Dutch #caramel #treat

Oh boy … you must think I’m a little schizophrenic. Or at least a little crazy. A bit bipolar with here and there an identity crisis.

For a month I lived without sugar (except for the natural sugars in fruit) and refined carbohydrates, and so I ate super healthy. As pure and whole as possible, just to get some healthy eating habits again. And you could see that on in my Red Kitchen. All the recipes that I shared for the past 1.5 month were sugar and refined carbohydrates free.

And now I’m here again, with a cheesecake with Dutch stroopwafels.
Yeah… a stroopwafel CHEESECAKE. Oh dear… Millions of calories and lots of cream, sugar and butter. And typical Dutch ‘stroopwafels’, caramel waffles a.k.a. the BEST cookies in the whole world. And yes, you can buy those cookies at the American supermarket. Trader Joe’s sells them, and of course Cost Plus World Market too. And look how beautiful this cheesecake came out. Can you blame me?

Okay, time for some explanation Continue reading

Curried roasted carrots with egg

Curried roasted carrots with eggs, a perfect brunch dish! | in my Red Kitchen #carrots #recipe #eggs #paleo #curry - Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Geroosterde kerrie wortelen met ei -

For the past six weeks P was working a lot. Or was it seven weeks? I completely lost all sense of time, I have no idea… He worked regularly until around midnight, and even on weekends he had to be at the office.

Sporadically he came home around dinner time if he was lucky, and a few times they gave the whole crew a day off on Sunday to take a break or because they were expecting a tough week. Just a few more of those days to go for him… the deadline is today. Or next Monday, they’re not quite sure yet ;-)
P and I got totally confused by the days. Today is Friday or Wednesday? That’s what happens if you work over the weekend.

Fortunately it is a fun project he’s working on. That’s making up a bit for the fact that he worked 185 hours in the past two weeks Yep, 185 hours, that’s not Continue reading

Food Truck Tuesday – Chinese chicken rice bowl

Chinese chicken & rice bowl; quick, easy and full of flavor! | in my Red Kitchen #chiciken #chinesechicken #chicken #hoisin #recipe #rice #stirfry #foodtruck #FoodTruckTuesday

- Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Chinese kip en rijst bowl -

Can you believe it’s already October? Jeez time flies when you’re having fun. And again it’s the first Tuesday of the month and that means Food Truck Tuesday of course! Time for another recipe, made with Food Truck inspiration.

I love bowls. Big bowls, small bowls, bowls in a cute color or bowls with a hip print. They are all more than welcome in my kitchen. I have more bowls than I have plates and they come in all sizes. I like to serve side dishes or garnishes in small bowls, and preferably ‘mix and match’. We eat our dinner often in deep plates, or large Asian bowls. Definitely always if we are using chopsticks, but also if we’re enjoying a tv-dinner because we’re in the Continue reading

Zucchini noodles with crispy chickpeas

Zucchini noodles with crispy chickpeas, vegetarian and low carb! | in my Red Kitchen #glutenfree #vegetarian #lowcarb #carbfree #zoodles - Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Courgette noodles met krokante kikkererwten -

Can’t stop won’t stop… I’m really into zoodles right now, or zucchini in noodle form. A súper healthy alternative to spaghetti or noodles, because duh, it’s green and it’s a vegetable! Is there anything more healthier to eat?

Well then… Just sayin’…
P is currently working super hard, the last two weeks he’s came home around midnight on weekdays. They’re serving dinner at work, so I just eat at home all by myself. I don’t mind, time to eat things I like which he hates. Blue cheese for example, it’s very tasty to melt that in a skillet and add zucchini noodles. I could eat that every day!

What is also nice of a husband who’s working overtime, Continue reading

Gluten-free crackers, 3 ways

gluten-free-crackers-1-inmyredkitchen - Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Glutenvrije crackers, 3 soorten -

Today is already the last day of September, and that means the last day of the Pure Food Challenge! For a month I ate ‘pure’, without any sugar and refined carbohydrates. During the week I actually ate no carbohydrates, on weekends occasionally some bread, flatbread or pancakes and then only the whole grain variety.

It went actually pretty good, my goal has been met Continue reading

Socca with za’atar parsley pesto

Socca with za'atar parsley pesto | in my Red Kitchen #glutenfree #pizza #chickpeas #socca - Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Socca met za’atar peterselie pesto -

If you’re looking for me, I’m doing a happy dance in the kitchen next to the oven where I’m making this delicious socca. “Huh? Socca?” I hear you think!

A socca is a kind of pancake made of chickpea flour that you bake in the oven. The origin of the socca (or “farinata”) is Continue reading