Easter brunch: maple bacon scones

Maple bacon scones are great for Easter brunch! | in my Red Kitchen #bacon #easter #brunch #maple #scones #biscuits

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch ->Bacon scones met maple glazuur¬†–

Ok y’all (<- see what I’m doing here? ūüėČ ), I have a new brunch favorite! I still like to eat pancakes or chicken ‘n waffles on a Sunday morning, but these days I’m all about maple bacon scones! And no, it’s not the pregnancy hormones that are telling you that. P also loves them, he ate 2 maple bacon scones with scrambled eggs and extra bacon the other day!

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Dutch butter cake

Dutch butter cake - yes, you read that right: BUTTER cake! | in my Red Kitchen #butter #cake #buttercake #recipe

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Boterkoek

It’s my party and I can eat what I want to…

No wait a minute… TWO parties today because it’s my birthday √°nd¬†exactly two years ago today I married the most amazing man on earth.

But yet today is just an ordinary Wednesday. The older I get, the less I value my birthday. This year is also the first time that I’m not going to celebrate it. Continue reading

Lentil and sausage soup

Lentil and sausage soup | in my Red Kitchen #lentilsoup #sausage #soup #lentil #lentils

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Linzensoep met worst

Oh boy… being pregnant in the US feels like a full time job… Sort of ūüėČ What a difference with the Netherlands, even though I obviously have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant in the Netherlands, but still!

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Simple lemon bars

Simple lemon bars, refreshing dessert treat! | in my Red Kitchen #lemon #pie #lemonbars

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Citroen taartjes

I really into eating desserts lately, that’s definitely a pregnancy thing because I never felt that urge before. When we go out for dinner I first take a look at the dessert menu before choosing what elso I’m going to order.

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Shawarma with home made pita bread and garlic sauce, who doesn't like that? Perfect for game day! | in my Red Kitchen #shawarma #gameday #superbowl #chicken #pita

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Shoarma zelf maken zonder pakjes

Home made shawarma om freshly baked pita bread with garlic sauce, who doesn’t like that?! We ate this regularly on Saturdays when I was a teenager, and I still think it’s delicious!

When I was 17 I was working at the supermarket, in the butcher shop, on the weekends and Thurday evenings. On Saturdays I had to start at 7am or 8am and in the end I was the one running the butcher shop.
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Cauliflower mash with boursin

Cauliflower mash with boursin | in my Red Kitchen #cauliflower #lowcarb #paleo #cauliflowermash

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Bloemkoolpuree met Boursin

I wanted to share his recipe with you last week but I happened to have a few bad days (stupid hormones!) and our home server on which I’m keeping my photos broke down suddenly so I couldn’t edit them.

But a new week means new opportunities, so here it is: Cauliflower mash with boursin! I had often heard of it but never tried it myself. That’s because I am not so fond of cauliflower, but I found out last summer that cauliflower is so delicious when roasted (see Miso roasted cauliflower)!

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Want to hear a secret?

Baby announcement 'in my Red Kitchen' #sushi #baby #babyannouncement

You might have noticed that I was a little absent the last two months.

Since¬†two months, I don’t eat sushi anymore (ok, the sushi with the raw fish). Since¬†two months, I don’t drink alcohol (and oh my how I miss those spontaneous cocktails). Since¬†two months I use cart wipes when I grab¬†a shopping cart in the supermarket. Since¬†two months I can’t stand vegetables. Since¬†two months, I also can’t stand pasta with tomato sauce. Since¬†two months I’m craving potatoes, and especially mashed potatoes. Since¬†two months I don’t go hiking (ok, maybe that also has a little to do with those coyotes that I saw). Since¬†two months I use a special veggie wash for the fruit I eat. Since¬†two months I eat the food I grew up with (soft buns with chocolate sprinkles and cheese sandwiches! Nibbit chips! Rice with ragout! Crackers with cream cheese! Rice pudding!). Since¬†two months I no longer drink raw pressed juices.

Since two months I lie mostly sick, weak and nauseous on the couch. Since two months I take a nap daily. Since two months I have to eat every two hours because otherwise I get nauseous and have to throw up. Since two months I go to bed between 10pm and 11pm instead around midnight, what I used to do. Since two months there is a box of breadsticks on my nightstand.

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Dutch Janhagel cookies

Dutch Janhagel cookies for the Great Food Bloggers Cookie Swap | in my Red Kitchen #fbcookieswap #cookies #cookie #dutch #almondcookie

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Janhagel koekjes

Last year I had a lot of fun participating in the annual The Great Food Blogger Cookie swap. Yes, that’s right. That’s a cookie exchange among food bloggers.

The rules are simple. You sign up. You will receive the addresses of three other food bloggers. You bake three dozen cookies. Cookies that you wrap up well and that you send by post to the other three food bloggers. In return, you get three boxes of 12 cookies sent home, by random food bloggers. So much fun, and also very delicious!

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