Baby’s first solids 4-6 months

Please note: I am not an expert and I have not had special training regarding this. “It’s just something I do’, however this is purely a record of how we have dealt with it because I like to write that down for myself and share our experience. Each baby is unique and develops at its own pace. Stella loved food from the beginning, liked every flavor and she eats everything. This is certainly not the case with all babies. Most babies need to get used to solid foods, the taste or the texture. And some babies just don’t like purees at all. Just make sure you don’t force her to eat. Your baby will show you whether she’s ready or not. Especially the first few months solids are for practice, their main food source is still milk!


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Baby’s first solids 4-6 months

Which mom doesn’t look forward to it, when her baby is ready to start solids? I sure did! After months of nothing else but preparing bottles with milk, I couldn’t wait to make something else for her.

Stella was just 4 months old and the pediatrician had given us the green light to start with solids. You all know that Continue reading

Chickpea cumin salad with bacon

chickpea cumin salad with bacon | in my Red Kitchen #lactation #galactogogues #breastfeeding #salad #chickpeas #chickpea #bacon

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Chickpea cumin salad with bacon
Nowadays there is a lot needed to get me into blogging again. Life with a 9 month old baby is very busy, our week is filled with swimming lessons, mommy & me class, playdates, physical therapy and of course just housekeeping, grocery shopping and cooking. I am especially keeping myself occupied to create recipes for a baby which I prefer to serve unprocessed foods, rather than to create recipes for adults. Let alone testing, writing and photographing such a recipe.

In other words: it’s not so easy Continue reading

Brussels sprouts mash with roasted garlic and mustard

Brussels sprouts mash with roasted garlic and mustard - great side dish for Thanksgiving! | in my Red Kitchen #thanksgiving #recipe #thanksgivingdinner #spruitjesstamppot

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These past weeks I like to go to the Farmers Market on Sundays. Leaving the house quite early (for a Sunday, and especially for us), taking the baby in the stroller and have breakfast at the market itself. And buy fruit and vegetables for the coming week of course. Always following the seasonal offerings. After buying the vegetables it’s time to meal plan for the week and go out for the rest of the groceries.

And almost every week I buy a bag of Continue reading

The most perfect Dutch baby pancake

The most perfect Dutch baby pancake | in my Red Kitchen

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This is not the first time that I’m writing about that glorious American oven pancake they’ve called ‘Dutch baby pancake’. In fact, I even shared recipes for Dutch baby pancake with blueberries and a chocolate Dutch baby pancake with strawberries before.

Well I don’t need to tell you anymore that this pancake has nothing to do with Dutch (a.k.a. the Netherlands). Because ‘we Dutch people’ don’t come up Continue reading

Tuna poke bowl with pickled shiitakes

Tuna poke bowl | in my Red Kitchen #tuna #raw #fish #sushi #pokebowl #tunapokebowl

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Lately I am trying hard to catch up on all the raw fish I couldn’t eat for nine months. I eat pounds of raw fish weekly, in the form of sushi but preferably in the form of a poke bowl.

Poke is pronounced as Poh-kee, and it’s a Continue reading

Gouda cheese pastries

Kaasbroodjes // Gouda Cheese Pastries | in my Red Kitchen

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When you’re living abroad for a longer period of time, you are going to miss the most crazy things from your home country.

For me, this took about 1.5 to 2 years. It obviously was related to the fact that I was pregnant at the time. I had a sudden need for eating food from the ‘old days’! And all this while Dutch food at all is not Continue reading

Frozen banana bites

Frozen banana bites

Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Bevroren banaan met chocolade

I love desserts but I try not to eat anything after dinner. Until I got pregnant… My Sweet Tooth took over again so after dinner I always had to take a small dessert. In the beginning I ate lots of those small mochi ice creams, a small scoop of ice cream in a mochi sheet. So delicious! And just enough to satisfy my sweet cravings!

But then I discovered Continue reading

So much love…

photo credit: Madelon Verdoorn

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So much love!
She’s already ten weeks old today, our beautiful and happy baby Stella. On June 22 she was born after a long and difficult labor & delivery. For all those months we couldn’t wait for her to be here but if you wake up because your water broke at 38 weeks, you’ll be surprised anyhow.
But there she was finally, that little girl who we were dying to meet because we were wondering how she would look like, what her birthday would be and if her name would fit her. We spent two nights Continue reading