Rose sponge cake with strawberries and pistachios

Rose sponge cake with meringue, strawberries, raspberries and pistachios for the LA Cake Club | in my Red Kitchen

I love social media. Okay I’ll admit it: I’m a social media junkie. The moment I wake up you’ll find me checking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (in no particular order) with still one eye closed.

I wanna know what happened while I was sleeping and I want to know what’s going on in the world. It’s my coffee – the only way to start the day properly.

And the best part about social media? Meeting new people! And that’s a very welcome thing if you just moved to LA. Well ‘just’… Continue reading

Lemon meringue cupcakes

Lemon meringue cupcakes - it's my favorite pie turned into cupcakes! | in my Red Kitchen When life gives you lemons… you make lemonade, or lemon curd, or lemon meringue pie, or limoncello.

So many ideas what to do with the variegated pink lemons Frieda’s sent me! I was really hoping to receive some Meyer Lemons as I have never tried them before. They don’t exist in the Netherlands and even after living in Los Angeles for almost a year now, I still haven’t had them. But the Meyer Lemons weren’t available so Frieda’s made sure I would get my lemon-fix with these beautiful lemons that are pink-ish on the inside.

If you love lemon meringue pie and you find yourself being in Paris at one point in your life: Continue reading

Ghee roasted sunchokes

Ghee roasted sunchokes | in my Red Kitchen

Do you know sunchokes? No? And have you ever heard of Jerusalem artichokes? It’s the same root vegetable and it’s also called topinambour, earth apple, sunroot or earth pear (in Dutch it’s called earth pear or topinambour).

They look a little like bloathed ginger roots but they are actually the edible roots of a North American sunflower plant.


I really like this explanation of where the name ‘Jerusalem Artichoke’ came from Continue reading

Paasstol – Dutch Easter bread

Traditional Dutch Easter bread with raisins and almond paste | in my Red Kitchen This is by far the most delicious bread I’ve ever eaten. A ‘stollen’ is a traditional Dutch raisin bread with an almond paste center and it’s served at Christmas and Easter. The only difference is that you put almonds on top of the bread before baking at Easter, the Christmas stollen is without the almonds on top.

This Dutch Easter bread was always part of our Easter brunch, as well as boiled eggs. With the boiled eggs we used to play a game, it’s a real tradition and in our family we even know stories about it from when my mom was a little girl! The game goes like this: Continue reading

Roasted tomato salsa

Roasted tomato salsa, a great snack! | in my Red Kitchen

There are always lots of great ideas in my head, ideas for a new logo for this blog, ideas for food styling and lots of ideas for cookies, salads, breakfast recipes or cakes.

Too many ideas for the time I have on my hands, but normally that’s not a big problem because I know I spent all the time I have on this blog. Of course, I want to post more recipes than two each week but I still have another blog ( that also needs some TLC ;-)

But lately I’m experiencing some anxiety attacks… Continue reading

Food Truck Tuesday – Currywurst

German currywurst - simple to make and so delicious! | in my Red Kitchen

One of my first food truck experiences after moving to LA last year was the Currywurst Truck. There is one thing you might not know about me and it’s that I grew up near the German border at the east side of the Netherlands.


While growing up we often went to Germany for shopping on Dutch holidays. Ever since then I love German food: pretzels, german bread and currywurst. And while studying me and my best friend drove to Germany for grocery shopping at least once a month. It was just a 15-minute drive and I would stock up on alcohol because Continue reading

Creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding

Creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding - a healthy dessert that you can eat for breakfast! | in my Red Kitchen

Who wants to eat dessert for breakfast? I do!

But today is a day that I’m feeling guilty. And that’s pretty common for me once in a while. It’s not just one thing I feel guilty about, there are a few things. To start I feel guilty towards in my Red Kitchen. I wanted to post the recipe for this delicious and creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding yesterday, but instead of working (a.k.a. blogging) I took a road trip with my sister to San Francisco. We left on Monday, spent 1,5 days in rainy SF and we drove back yesterday over the PCH. So I failed in putting myself to work and take time to write this blog post on time.

We had a really good time in San Francisco, even while Continue reading

Chinese pizza with mustard greens

Chinese "pizza" is a great snack, it's filled with mustard greens and bacon! | in my Red Kitchen

‘Chinese sauerkraut’, that’s how my Chinese aunt calls mustard greens. And she is right, it dóes taste a little like sauerkraut.

I can remember eating a kind of pita bread filled with sour greens and onion in China. One of my aunts cousins (or at least that’s what I think he was) took us on a day trip into the mountains while we where there. No idea where these mountains were, but it sure was beautiful! We drove the whole day and at one point we stopped at a river for a swim. Continue reading

Farro salad with balsamic pearl onions

Farro salad with balsamic pearl onions, spinach and goat cheese | in my Red Kitchen

All my life I have been eating pearl onions, or ‘silver onions’ as we call them in the Netherlands. But this is the first time I’ve hold them in my hands in their own raw shape.

You see, in the Netherlands these pearl onions are pickled and sold in cans. I love anything pickled! So when the lovely people at Frieda’s sent me a bag of pearl onions I wanted to pickle them, just like the ones I used to snack on in the Netherlands. Continue reading

Chinese-style stir-fried rice cakes with napa cabbage

Chinese-style stir-fried rice cakes with napa cabbage | in my Red Kitchen I have no idea why I haven’t posted a recipe with stir-fried rice cakes before since I make it at least once a month.

And for a food bloggers that’s quite often! You see, as a food blogger you are always trying out new recipes and cooking something you haven’t made before so you can post it on your blog. Believe me, that’s really a down side of blogging :( Continue reading