Meyer lemon poppy seed cookies with chocolate

Lemon poppy seed cookies with chocolate | in my Red Kitchen

- Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Citroenkoekjes met maanzaad en chocola -

There she is again, with another sweet recipe. Yeah I’m sorry… Frieda’s sent me another box of great products and there were three beautiful Meyer lemons in it. Meyer lemons aren’t just normal lemons, they are a special kind of lemons. Just like key limes are a different kind of limes as you could read in my post about key lime pie. Meyer lemons are sweeter and less acidic than Continue reading

Iced strawberry almond smoothie

iced strawberry almond smoothie| in my Red Kitchen

During my first juice cleanse in September last year, I learned that I don’t need a big breakfast in the morning. During the cleanse you have to drink a breakfast juice of 18 floz, two hours later around 10am/11am yet another juice of 18 floz and two hours later it was time for another juice as lunch, again 18 floz. But I really didn’t feel hungry after the breakfast juice, so I was reluctant to drink the ‘in between’ juice in the morning.

Before the cleanse, I often ate yogurt with fresh fruit and homemade maple pecan granola for breakfast, a big bowl around 10am in the morning and then I was only hungry for lunch at around 2.30pm. Continue reading

Summer burger with strawberries

Summer burger with strawberries and bacon | in my Red Kitchen

The sentence that goes through my head right now is: ‘if a burger with strawberries is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. ”
A terrible cliche but so tremendously true.

Because my oh my… this burger with strawberries is só tasty, even though it sounds like a crazy combination. Continue reading

Miso roasted cauliflower

Miso roasted cauliflower, you have to serve this at your next grilling party! | in my Red Kitchen

Sometimes you have those days when there is not much coming out of your hands. I’m writing this at 17:09 on Monday and I have only one thing crossed off of my to-do list for today. And there are only four things on my list: doing laundy, buying groceries, buying new plants, writing blog posts.

Doing laundry: I wanted to do this half an hour ago, but all three washing machines in the laundry room were occupied. So I left my laundry basket there, like: ‘I’m next!’, and I went home to lie down on the couch because I was so tired. Now I might or might not have an imprint of my wedding ring on my cheek… But by now my laundry is in the machine though! Up next is the dryer and once I folded it I can cross that off of my list. Continue reading


A cold gazpacho for hot summer days, so easy to make! | in my Red Kitchen

I posted the recipe for this summery gazpacho on my Dutch blog a little over a year ago. We just moved to LA and I wrote about eating dinner on our balcony.

In the Netherlands, you don’t get that many summer days when you can eat your dinner in the garden or on the balcony. So when you dó get a summer day you grab your chance and you head out. Continue reading

Almond date shake

Almond date shake, my favorite dairy free milkshake! | in my Red Kitchen

Eating paleo for a month, yes or no? That is the big question that keeps me busy right now. If you don’t know anything about paleo (or ‘the cavemen diet’) then you should read the explaination on my favorite paleo blog, Nom Nom Paleo: What’s The Paleo Diet?

Why would I eat paleo for a month according to the Whole30 principle? Because I feel like I need a break again, a break from bad food, just to take time re-think my eating habits. I have a busy half year behind me, filled with visiting family members and of course our own trip to Amsterdam. I’ve been eating out a lot and I didn’t always go on my weekly hike, I ignored my fitness exercises on YouTube and didn’t got my juices every week.

I gained a little weight again, I’m tired and feel Continue reading

Food Truck Tuesday – Onigiri, Japanese rice balls

Onigiri, Japanese rice balls filled with yummieness! | in my Red Kitchen

Today is a very special “Food Truck Friday” because I have to admit that the inspiration for this recipe didn’t came from a food truck. But when you think about Food Trucks you also think about street food, right? And a night market is also all about street food! Because a while ago, I discovered something new (to me) in LA: the Night Market!

A Night Market is an Asian market with food stalls, music performances and some vendors selling goodies. But those last two didn’t gain my attention, because all I needed was the food! Continue reading

Key lime pie

Key lime pie made of actual key limes, so delicious! | in my Red Kitchen

I usually like to post recipes that are unique, because why would I give you a recipe for a key lime pie while there are thousands of recipes for key lime pies to be found on the internet? That would be a waste of my time, isn’t it?

Haha, well let me tell you. I post this recipe because sometimes I get a little upset. Continue reading

Oven baked fries with peanut sauce and mayonnaise


Oven baked fries with peanut sauce and mayonaise. This Dutch 'patatje oorlog' is the best! | in my Red Kitchen

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Dutch recipe. And here I am, giving you Dutch junk food which you don’t normally make at home ;-)

Our recent trip to Amsterdam totally inspired me to share this recipe with you. I didn’t grew up with going out for dinner (so maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much ;-) ) but on weekends we sometimes got some take out food! There wasn’t much choice, it was either Chinese food or fries, frikandellen and bitterballen from the so-called ‘snackbar’. Continue reading

Home made pita bread

home made pita bread, easy and delicious! | in my Red Kitchen Somewhere in the near future I’m sharing a recipe for falafel. The recipe for falafel is already on my Dutch blog but the pictures are awful. So why not make new & better onces and also share the recipe here?

Yes see, that’s what I thought! So last week I made falafel in my way-too-small-to-make-falafel-in-this-tiny-two-cup-immersion-blender thingie while I was in a hurry. I already baked pita bread using a recipe from Esmee and I was supposed to go to a friend that afternoon for tea and a walk.

But ‘more haste, less speed’… The falafel turned out great though Continue reading