Christmas gift guide for foodies


So after the Creamy sunchoke soup, Lamb stew with porcini, Potato and peas rosettes and that delicious White chocolate limoncello truffle cake it’s time to unwrap some Christmas presents!

You can see this gift guide as my personal Christmas wishlist.
P and I agreed on buying each other gifts with a maximum of $50. Or between $50 and $75 😉 I already did some shopping for him but I have no idea if he knows what to buy for me.

So I created this list to help him. And to help you! Maybe you have a hard time creating your own list or it could be that you want to surprise your foodie friend with some great gifts.

I’m sure each item on this list is a success!
And… no need to go out shopping, just curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and your laptop and order everything online. The links are at the end of the list.

You’re welcome!



(1) – White with Aqua Dots Enamel SaucePan at World Market $14.99

(2) – Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker on Amazon $29

(3) – Pasta Machine on Amazon $35.62

(4) – Cedar & Stone Cheese Board at Anthropologie $48

(5) – Set of 2 Dolsot Bowls for Korean cooking, like Bibimbap on Amazon $39.95

(6) – Cookbooks:
Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Cooking on Amazon $22.14
The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings on Amazon $23.34
Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child on Amazon $25.68

And because foodies also like other things 😉

(7) – Lunar Twinkle Drop Earrings at Anthropologie $32

(8) – Reflector Arm and stand on Amazon $28.22 and $14.95 (or a Complete Reflector set on Amazon for $63.96)

(9) – Ribbon Knitted Pillow Cover at West Elm $34 each (and don’t forget to buy the pillows!)


Merry Christmas!


  1. I got that pasta maker as a present! YAY!

    1. Me too!! I had one in Amsterdam but I gave it to a friend (stupid me!)
      I also got that cute saucepan, Santa was too good for me this year 🙂

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