A foodie’s Christmas wish list


Just as last year’s Christmas gift guide for foodies, I created a wish list again for this year! I have no hard time at all buying Christmas gifts for my husband P, but I know he has a hard time finding something for me!

I don’t blame him, because it ís hard to buy something for a lucky girl who already has everything, including an amazing and understanding husband 😉
Last year my list was quite successful, he gave me that beautiful enamel sauce pan, a pasta machine ánd a cheese board. Lucky me!

This year

Meet Salted, an online video cooking school

Salted-chef-gallery – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Salted, een online video kookschool

Two weeks ago, the online video cooking school Salted launched and I was invited to attend the pre-launch party! Really nice of course because there was good food,a nice view on Venice beach and four LA based chefs who told why they cooperated with Salted. But what is Salted anyway?

Salted is a website with several cooking videos in which various chefs demonstrate cooking techniques and share their best recipes. How do you make a really good grilled cheese sandwich? How do you roast a steak? And how to use a wok? Sushi rice, how do you prepare that? Salted gives you the answer!


Nom nom nom tag

Uhm what?! Well… The nom nom nom tag is a list of questions for food bloggers, and when they answered it they should pass it on to other food bloggers. So it’s like a chain letter, but then fun. Because it’s about food and you get to know the person behind your favorite food blog.

Simone (Simone’s Kitchen) tagged me in her nom nom nom tag (Dutch only) and now it’s my turn.
Let’s go! (& I promise to keep it short 😛 )

What kind of food do you like that others don’t like (& vice versa)
Wow that’s a hard one! I do like some weird combinations like raisin bread with liver paté

Shelling peas, spring is here!

Blog tour – about writing blog posts

While in Amsterdam -a few weeks back- I met up with Simone from Simone’s Kitchen, Maura from Yellow Lemon Tree and a few others. It was great meeting them in real live after knowing each other on social media for so long. Well, in case of Maura that is because I already followed one of Simone’s photography workshops.

Shelling peas, spring is here!

Maura is a super nice girl who just started writing a second blog with Suus from Food Bandits. They called it The (healthy) Breakfast Club and the name says it all,they have created a beautiful corner on the world wide web to serve you some delicious and amazingly good looking breakfast recipes!

Last week my new friend Maura emailed me to tell me that they were part of a ‘blog tour‘ and that thay wanted to pass it on to me.

Bye bye 2013, hello 2014!

What an amazing year it has been! I’m actually taking a little break now but I couldn’t resist the urge to look back ánd forward with you.

For some days now I’ve been browsing through my photos because photos say it all. I capture my life through (iPhone) photos, so it was fun to look back and make a short video of it that I posted on Instagram.


2013 was the year when P and I got married, packed up our stuff and moved to the US.