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Chickpea cumin salad with bacon

chickpea cumin salad with bacon | in my Red Kitchen #lactation #galactogogues #breastfeeding #salad #chickpeas #chickpea #bacon

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Kikkererwten komijn salade met bacon

Chickpea cumin salad with bacon
Nowadays there is a lot needed to get me into blogging again. Life with a 9 month old baby is very busy, our week is filled with swimming lessons, mommy & me class, playdates, physical therapy and of course just housekeeping, grocery shopping and cooking. I am especially keeping myself occupied to create recipes for a baby which I prefer to serve unprocessed foods, rather than to create recipes for adults. Let alone testing, writing and photographing such a recipe.

In other words: it’s not so easy Continue reading

Mexican shredded beef salad

Mexican brisket salad, can I eat this every day? | in my Red Kitchen #brisket #salad #Mexican – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Mexicaanse stoofvlees salade

My friend Simone from Simone’s Kitchen is a lucky girl! After she asked me to write a recipe for her blog during her vacation, I had so much inspiration that I came up with two recipes. I didn’t know which one I had to give it to her, so I sent her both recipes.

Last week you could already read about the Guacamole with beet and apple, but this week we’re giving you the recipe for a Mexican shredded beef salad.
And oh boy, this one came out delicious! For a while now this recipe was on my ‘to make’ list that I keep in my phone.

Mexican brisket salad, can I eat this every day? | in my Red Kitchen #brisket #salad #Mexican

That is actually a list that is getting bigger rather than shorter, so hold on tight! There’s a lot of goodies coming because I want to make everything of course 😉
I got the idea for the Mexican shredded beef salad in a modern dinner here in LA. We have been there twice and I ordered their brisket salad both times. I am always a huge fan of trying something new but I can not guarantee that the next time I’m there I’m not ordering the brisket salad 😉

So buy a piece of brisket and go visit Simone’s Kitchen for my recipe for Mexican shredded beef salad.


Avocado salad dressing

Green avocado salad dressing | in my Red Kitchen #dairyfree #glutenfree #paleo #avocado – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Groene avocado dressing

Warning: this might be the shortest blog post ever written bij me. I have 0.0 inspiration right now because it’s way too hot to think in LA. I am so glad that I don’t have a real job, because I’m totally worthless right now.

I have just moved my laptop to the dining table where an air conditioner is hanging next to it. Of course it helps a bit, but for a few days now I walk Continue reading

Grilled radicchio salad with prosciutto and nectarines

Grilled radicchio salad with prosciutto, goat cheese and sweet nectarines, best combination ever! | in my Red Kitchen – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Gegrilde radicchio salade met parmaham & nectarine

Ever since I was a child I love bitter flavors. Okay, but to be honest: only when they are combined with something sweet or salty.

When I was a little girl still my love for bitter flavors resulted Continue reading

Kale salad with spicy honey nuts

Kale salad with spicy honey nuts | in my Red Kitchen

Oh guys, I’m so jet lagged right now. The day before yesterday I couldn’t stop yawning while shopping at Trader Joe’s, it was so embarrassing! I was really hoping the cashier would ask me about my day so I could tell her I just came back from Amsterdam and had a massive jet lag but unfortunately all she said was: ‘thank you for waiting’. Continue reading

Bacon & cheddar egg salad

An egg salad with bacon and cheddar - sounds amazing right? | in my Red Kitchen

Egg salad has been in my life as long as I remember. My grandma makes the best egg salad in the whole wide world – yes I’m serious! I don’t even know what she puts in it. Raw thinly sliced onion, that’s for sure. But there must be a secret ingredient she uses for it.

I need to ask her for the recipe!
But I myself also make a decent good egg salad if I can say so. For the past weeks I’ve been making quite a few egg salads, I don’t even know why. Continue reading

Curried potato salad

Curried potato salad - perfect side dish for your barbecue party! | in my Red Kitchen

Can somebody please explain why the Americans celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, which is an Irish holiday?

My sister is visiting and I explained it to her as ‘the Americans just like holidays, so they adapted this Irish holiday’.
But please tell me if I’m correct and besides that… Whát are we actually celebrating? I know about the green color, the clovers and those leprechauns. But why? And how? Continue reading

Spicy tuna with cucumber salad

Spicy tuna and cucumber salad | in my Red Kitchen Every Wednesday morning I go on a hike, that’s my main workout during the week. Up and down the Santa Monica Mountains in 1,5 hour. Bam! 1200 calories burned! Every other weekend P and I also do a hike and twice a week I do some short workout routines on YouTube.

I tried to do a walk three times a week in the neighborhood and although I liked it it was so time consuming! Since I started hiking on my own I look forward to Wednesdays. Ha yes! I’m looking forward to Hump Day 😉 I’ll bet I’m the only one!

My hike is just great, it has beautiful views over the ocean, a paved path, lots of history marks and some great wildlife. Blue Jays, rabbits, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, lizards and even pheasants!
But apparantly there is also other wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains that I don’t see. Rattlesnakes, coyotes and even mountain lions! Continue reading

Roasted gorgonzola pears with farro salad

Roasted-gorgonzola-pears-with-farro-salad-4-inmyredkitchen Tell me, do you always bring your own bags to the store when you go grocery shopping?

If not, then why not?
I always have one or two cotton bags in my purse and I also try to keep a bigger grocery bag in the back of my car. As long as I can remember I carry the cotton bags in my purse and I not only use them for unexpected grocery shopping. Continue reading