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Puff pastry breakfast waffles

puf pastry breakfast waffles | in my Red Kitchen #waffes #puffpastry #puffpastrywaffles #recipe #breakfastwaffles

Hi, it’s me again 😉

This time from a new kitchen and a new city, with a new recipe for my new favorite: puff pastry breakfast waffles!!

For a long time now I was planning to use my waffle maker for other things than just the Continue reading

The most perfect Dutch baby pancake

The most perfect Dutch baby pancake | in my Red Kitchen

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Perfecte Dutch baby pancake

This is not the first time that I’m writing about that glorious American oven pancake they’ve called ‘Dutch baby pancake’. In fact, I even shared recipes for Dutch baby pancake with blueberries and a chocolate Dutch baby pancake with strawberries before.

Well I don’t need to tell you anymore that this pancake has nothing to do with Dutch (a.k.a. the Netherlands). Because ‘we Dutch people’ don’t come up Continue reading

Easter brunch: maple bacon scones

Maple bacon scones are great for Easter brunch! | in my Red Kitchen #bacon #easter #brunch #maple #scones #biscuits

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch ->Bacon scones met maple glazuur –

Ok y’all (<- see what I’m doing here? 😉 ), I have a new brunch favorite! I still like to eat pancakes or chicken ‘n waffles on a Sunday morning, but these days I’m all about maple bacon scones! And no, it’s not the pregnancy hormones that are telling you that. P also loves them, he ate 2 maple bacon scones with scrambled eggs and extra bacon the other day!

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Banana chia oatmeal pudding

Banana chia seeds oatmeal pudding | in my Red Kitchen #healthy #breakfast #oatmeal #banana

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Havermoutpap met banaan en chiazaad

I told you before that I like to go hiking every week in the Santa Monica Mountains. “Hiking” is nothing more than walking up and down the mountains as a workout. ‘My’ trail is a paved path that leads to a boy scouts camp. It takes me 45 minutes to walk there, so every week I spend 1.5 hours on hiking.

I love it! I enjoy the nature, it’s peace and views over the city and sea. And it’s also cheaper than going to a gym 😉

But… that nature also has a downside. A few weeks ago while I was back on the way down, I saw Continue reading

Curried roasted carrots with egg

Curried roasted carrots with eggs, a perfect brunch dish! | in my Red Kitchen #carrots #recipe #eggs #paleo #curry – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Geroosterde kerrie wortelen met ei

For the past six weeks P was working a lot. Or was it seven weeks? I completely lost all sense of time, I have no idea… He worked regularly until around midnight, and even on weekends he had to be at the office.

Sporadically he came home around dinner time if he was lucky, and a few times they gave the whole crew a day off on Sunday to take a break or because they were expecting a tough week. Just a few more of those days to go for him… the deadline is today. Or next Monday, they’re not quite sure yet 😉
P and I got totally confused by the days. Today is Friday or Wednesday? That’s what happens if you work over the weekend.

Fortunately it is a fun project he’s working on. That’s making up a bit for the fact that he worked 185 hours in the past two weeks Yep, 185 hours, that’s not Continue reading

Iced strawberry almond smoothie

iced strawberry almond smoothie| in my Red Kitchen – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Aardbeien smoothie met amandelboter

During my first juice cleanse in September last year, I learned that I don’t need a big breakfast in the morning. During the cleanse you have to drink a breakfast juice of 18 floz, two hours later around 10am/11am yet another juice of 18 floz and two hours later it was time for another juice as lunch, again 18 floz. But I really didn’t feel hungry after the breakfast juice, so I was reluctant to drink the ‘in between’ juice in the morning.

Before the cleanse, I often ate yogurt with fresh fruit and homemade maple pecan granola for breakfast, a big bowl around 10am in the morning and then I was only hungry for lunch at around 2.30pm. Continue reading

Cherry and almond scones

Cherry and almond scones - a perfect summer breakfast! | in my Red Kitchen – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Scones met kersen en amandelen

Last Sunday we took the Pacific Coast Highway to drive to Malibu, so we could have lunch at our favorite fish restaurant. Not just fish; no we had lobster with butter sauce, delicious grilled shrimp and a clam chowder bread bowl. The weather was lovely and sunny so we hád to go outside and enjoy it. June is in fact called “June Gloom” so in the morning you can expect gray, cloudy and chilly weather. In the afternoon, the sun comes out and it’s warm until the end of the afternoon, when the fog from the sea rolls back into the city, gray clouds are gathering and the temperature drops rapidly.

I don’t like the gray weather, it feels like the Netherlands! ;-) Continue reading

Chocolate Dutch baby pancake with strawberries

Chocolate Dutch baby pancake with Meyer lemon strawberry sauce | in my Red Kitchen – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Chocolade Dutch baby pannenkoek met aardbeien

Ever since making my own Dutch Baby Pancake I’m obsessed with these puffy and easy oven baked pancakes. I’m contantly thinking about other variations I could make.

I first learned about this pancake on the tv-show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. How could it be named ‘Dutch’ while I, a Dutch food-obsessed girl, never heard about it? No way that it is Dutch! I finally Continue reading

Paasstol – Dutch Easter bread

Traditional Dutch Easter bread with raisins and almond paste | in my Red Kitchen

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Paasstol

This is by far the most delicious bread I’ve ever eaten. A ‘stollen’ is a traditional Dutch raisin bread with an almond paste center and it’s served at Christmas and Easter. The only difference is that you put almonds on top of the bread before baking at Easter, the Christmas stollen is without the almonds on top.

This Dutch Easter bread was always part of our Easter brunch, as well as boiled eggs. With the boiled eggs we used to play a game, it’s a real tradition and in our family we even know stories about it from when my mom was a little girl! The game goes like this: Continue reading

Creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding

Creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding - a healthy dessert that you can eat for breakfast! | in my Red Kitchen

Who wants to eat dessert for breakfast? I do!

But today is a day that I’m feeling guilty. And that’s pretty common for me once in a while. It’s not just one thing I feel guilty about, there are a few things. To start I feel guilty towards in my Red Kitchen. I wanted to post the recipe for this delicious and creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding yesterday, but instead of working (a.k.a. blogging) I took a road trip with my sister to San Francisco. We left on Monday, spent 1,5 days in rainy SF and we drove back yesterday over the PCH. So I failed in putting myself to work and take time to write this blog post on time.

We had a really good time in San Francisco, even while Continue reading