Ghee roasted sunchokes | in my Red Kitchen

Ghee roasted sunchokes

Ghee roasted sunchokes | in my Red Kitchen

Do you know sunchokes? No? And have you ever heard of Jerusalem artichokes? It’s the same root vegetable and it’s also called topinambour, earth apple, sunroot or earth pear (in Dutch it’s called earth pear or topinambour).

They look a little like bloathed ginger roots but they are actually the edible roots of a North American sunflower plant.


I really like this explanation of where the name ‘Jerusalem Artichoke’ came from

Black lentil salad with goat cheese | in my Red Kitchen

Black lentil salad with goat cheese

Black Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese | in my Red Kitchen

People often ask me if there is anything I miss from the Netherlands. I have to disappoint them (and you), because I don’t. Of course I’m happy when I stumble upon typical Dutch products in LA, like appelstroop, stroopwafels or beschuit. And the Christmas Stollen and bitterballen I made myself where also to die for.

But really missing those things? Nah… And you know why not?

Bean and prosciutto salad

Last week I went to Downtown to meet Christine of Feed My Sole. I met her at the dinner at Hinoki & The Bird a few weeks ago, Christine is the organizor of the Meetup group for Los Angeles Food Bloggers.

deviled eggs
Christine made some deviled eggs, they where great! The recipe will be on her blog soon, make sure to check it out!

Christine lives in an amazing loft appartment Downtown. I loved it, it has brick walls and her kitchen is great – it has a concrete counter. Beautiful! Especially for taking pictures 😉

Also that part of DTLA looked great, with hip eateries and boutiques. I have to come back for sure!

It was a great day: we cooked, made photos, ate, talked and had a nice time. All my favorites in one day!

The results of a day full of food blog cooking

I decided to make a salad with beans and prosciutto.