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Farro salad with balsamic pearl onions

Farro salad with balsamic pearl onions, spinach and goat cheese | in my Red Kitchen

All my life I have been eating pearl onions, or ‘silver onions’ as we call them in the Netherlands. But this is the first time I’ve hold them in my hands in their own raw shape.

You see, in the Netherlands these pearl onions are pickled and sold in cans. I love anything pickled! So when the lovely people at Frieda’s sent me a bag of pearl onions I wanted to pickle them, just like the ones I used to snack on in the Netherlands. Continue reading

Mom’s chicken noodle soup with leeks (slow cooker version)

This is my mom's recipe for Chicken noodle soup with leeks - but I made a slow cooker version! | in my Red Kitchen

Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Kippensoep

‘They’ are promising us rain later this week. And not the rain we had a few times now since our arrival in Los Angeles, no we are talking about the Dutch kind of rain. One to two inches (2.5 – 5 cm), that’s a lot! Especially for LA 😉

I have the feeling the whole city is preparing to cope with the rain and I’m also planning ahead. I just don’t want to leave the house if it isn’t necessary. It’s not because I’m made of sugar, come on, I grew up in the Netherlands where it always rains a lot!

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Chinese Pulled Pork

I had a dream.

Well, not actually a dream, it was more like a day dream. I was day dreaming of a soft steamed Chinese bun filled with tender pulled pork.

I had the dream about this delicious meal after having lunch at Take A Bao in the Century City Mall. I had a bao with hoisin pork and it was good! After my bao lunch I went to see the Jennifer Aniston movie We’re the Millers, the lens of my camera was ‘kaput’ so I decided to take a day off. And I knew P didn’t need to see that movie so if I wanted to see it I had to go alone. And I could do that during the day!

chinese pulled pork

I liked the movie, I was laughing my ass off but all I could think of was baozi and Chinese pulled pork. Continue reading

Bali meatballs

– Click here to read this recipe in Dutch -> Oma’s Baliballetjes

This recipe is a winner. You will make friends with it.

This recipe is one of my grandma’s recipes to start with.
My grandma is 81 years old and she is a tough cookie. She lives with my 82-years old grandpa in an apartment building with really nice neighbors. They like living there and that makes me happy.

Bali balletjes

At their birthday parties in the Summer we sit on the balcony. But the balcony is small so we expand easily to the corridor.
The neighbors don’t mind :) Continue reading

Dutch Potato Salad – Huzarensalade

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting on the balcony, with my laptop working on a blogpost. Suddenly I heard somebody calling:



I sat still and looked around. There was nobody I could see from where I sat. So it sure wasn’t for me. I wasn’t expecting visitors and nobody could see me from down the street because we have an enclosed balcony.
So I ignored it.

But then, a week later it was the same voice:



“You, on the balcony!”

From where I sat I couldn’t see any other neighbors on their balconies, so maybe this person wás calling me after all? But how could he see me? Strange!

Huzarensalade P


So I got up and looked down. Continue reading