Guacamole with beet and apple | in my Red Kitchen #guacamole #Mexican #beets #apple

Guacamole with beet and apple

Guacamole with beet and apple | in my Red Kitchen #guacamole #Mexican #beets #apple

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Guacamole met bieten en appel

Today you can find a new recipe by me on the blog of Simone, Simone’s Kitchen.

Simone herself is vacationing for a month with her ​​lazy ass in Indonesia and she asked me to write a guestblog for during her absence. No I’m kidding. Not about the guest blog but about her lazy ass. Simone is one of the hardest working people I know, and I often think, ‘How does she do it ?’.
Muchos respectos for Simone and I hope they are enjoying their vacation immensely!!

You should follow her Facebook page, I already saw some nice pictures from Indonesia passing by.

And after that you should go to Simone’s Kitchen for my recipe for Guacamole with beet and apple!

A surprising combination that is oh so yummy. And also perfect for Fall, right?

Guacamole with beet and apple | in my Red Kitchen #guacamole #Mexican #beets #apple



Roasted squash with gorgonzola, mushrooms and apple | in my Red Kitchen #fall #fallfood #pumpkin #squash

Roasted carnival squash with gorgonzola

Roasted squash with gorgonzola, mushrooms and apple | in my Red Kitchen #fall #fallfood #pumpkin #squash – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Gevulde pompoen met gorgonzola

The last few days weren’t as hot anymore as it was last week in LA. Ok still a really nice temperature, but no heat wave anymore. Now I could finally prepare the carnival squash I received from Frieda’s. Because believe me, if it’s so hot, I have absolutely no desire to turn on the oven, let alone to eat squash.

I didn’t grow up with pumpkins and only

Persimmon oatmeal bread

Every weekday morning our alarm goes off at 8am. Some times I’m already awake but most times I’m still in a deep sleep. Between 8 and 8.30am I’m trying to wake up by reading the news, checking my Facebook time line, liking a lot of photos at my Instragram feed and reading my email, all on my iPhone.

At 8.30am I kick P out of bed; he will take a shower and I will also get out of bed and put on my bathrobe and slippers. I walk to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast for P. Breakfast is a bowl of yogurt with fruit (at this moment pomegranate, oranges and grapefruit) and home made granola. I make it easy for myself because

Bacon Barley Soup with Kale

Bacon Barley Soup 3


A few weeks ago it was so cold in LA, I had to wear shoes -instead of sandals or flipflops- for the first time since living here. I also bought a few sweaters and I was looking for a coat.

P was laughing at me, “do you know where it’s cold? In Amsterdam!”
I also got a few texts from friends who laughed when I complained about the cold, “so what’s cold, 20°C?” they were asking. (fyi: 20°C is 68°F)
Well ok. I had to agree with them.

Roasted garlic and lentil soup

I wanted to post this recipe for a Roasted garlic and lentil soup here on this blog but somehow I ended up posting it on my Dutch blog first.

Gepofte knoflooksoep met linzen p


I love soup, but this will be the first soup recipe on this blog. Shame on me!

Maybe the weather in LA is still too good to start making soup? I don’t know about you but I guess I only think of soup in connection to fall or winter. Maybe I should promise myself to make a big pan of soup each week. Tomato soup with meatballs, Potato leek soup, Mushroom soup, Chick Pea soup,

Weekend finds: Artisanal LA

So my husband bought a black BMW convertible last week… Early mid-life crisis? 😉 No, just a boy’s dream 🙂 Too bad the weather wasn’t that good in LA last week, but luckily the sun came out again last weekend.

Artisanal LA


We were thinking of taking the car for a ride and drive up to the Palisades or Malibu to go hiking, but instead I stumbled upon Artinasal LA on Twitter. They were organizing a Fall Show in Downtown LA. We rescheduled our hike to next weekend, when my brother and his girlfriend are here, and we drove east to DTLA with some cash and empty bags.

This was the first time I heard about Artisanal LA but their website explains exactly what it is about: Artisanal LA is a pop-up community event with weekend long seasonal shows and shops celebrating the city’s finest local, sustainable and handmade edibles.