Creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding - a healthy dessert that you can eat for breakfast! | in my Red Kitchen

Creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding

Creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding - a healthy dessert that you can eat for breakfast! | in my Red Kitchen

Who wants to eat dessert for breakfast? I do!

But today is a day that I’m feeling guilty. And that’s pretty common for me once in a while. It’s not just one thing I feel guilty about, there are a few things. To start I feel guilty towards in my Red Kitchen. I wanted to post the recipe for this delicious and creamy strawberry chia seeds pudding yesterday, but instead of working (a.k.a. blogging) I took a road trip with my sister to San Francisco. We left on Monday, spent 1,5 days in rainy SF and we drove back yesterday over the PCH. So I failed in putting myself to work and take time to write this blog post on time.

We had a really good time in San Francisco, even while

Slow cooker Pumpkin butter


So even though I live 5,555 miles (!!) apart from my family and friends we’re still in almost daily contact. Without outrageous phone costs for calling overseas or getting RSI of typing long emails. That’s because we use Whatsapp, a free mobile texting service.

With my mom, brother and sisters we have a group chat and also my 82-year old granddad is on Whatsapp! How great is that?
This way it doesn’t take much effort to say hi to each other, send pictures or share locations to let each other know where you are or what you’re doing. You can even send voice memos, wow I laughed my ass off when introducing these voice memos to my granddad! He was like:

Dutch egg cakes

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Heerlijke luchtiger eierkoeken

Those egg cakes (“eierkoeken“) are very popular in the Netherlands. Especially since a famous weight loss guru prescribed them in her menu’s. This woman is also known as Sonja Bakker, she is blond and always smiling (of course, she has to sell her diet!) and she is from West-Friesland, an area North of Amsterdam known for its huge greenhouses. So she also has an accent which I find very annoying.

Egg cakes p2

I’ve never followed her diet, I mean… it is a crash diet! I don’t believe in that! Sonja wrote books with weekly menus and she sold a lot of those books. For some reason these Dutch egg cakes where part of the diet.