Baby announcement 'in my Red Kitchen' #sushi #baby #babyannouncement

Want to hear a secret?

Baby announcement 'in my Red Kitchen' #sushi #baby #babyannouncement

You might have noticed that I was a little absent the last two months.

Since two months, I don’t eat sushi anymore (ok, the sushi with the raw fish). Since two months, I don’t drink alcohol (and oh my how I miss those spontaneous cocktails). Since two months I use cart wipes when I grab a shopping cart in the supermarket. Since two months I can’t stand vegetables. Since two months, I also can’t stand pasta with tomato sauce. Since two months I’m craving potatoes, and especially mashed potatoes. Since two months I don’t go hiking (ok, maybe that also has a little to do with those coyotes that I saw). Since two months I use a special veggie wash for the fruit I eat. Since two months I eat the food I grew up with (soft buns with chocolate sprinkles and cheese sandwiches! Nibbit chips! Rice with ragout! Crackers with cream cheese! Rice pudding!). Since two months I no longer drink raw pressed juices.

Since two months I lie mostly sick, weak and nauseous on the couch. Since two months I take a nap daily. Since two months I have to eat every two hours because otherwise I get nauseous and have to throw up. Since two months I go to bed between 10pm and 11pm instead around midnight, what I used to do. Since two months there is a box of breadsticks on my nightstand.

You probably already guessed it by now…

Onigiri, Japanese rice balls filled with yummieness! | in my Red Kitchen

Food Truck Tuesday – Onigiri, Japanese rice balls

Onigiri, Japanese rice balls filled with yummieness! | in my Red Kitchen – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Onigiri, Japanse rijstballen

Today is a very special “Food Truck Friday” because I have to admit that the inspiration for this recipe didn’t came from a food truck. But when you think about Food Trucks you also think about street food, right? And a night market is also all about street food! Because a while ago, I discovered something new (to me) in LA: the Night Market!

A Night Market is an Asian market with food stalls, music performances and some vendors selling goodies. But those last two didn’t gain my attention, because all I needed was the food!

Spicy tuna and cucumber salad | in my Red Kitchen

Spicy tuna with cucumber salad

Spicy tuna and cucumber salad | in my Red Kitchen Every Wednesday morning I go on a hike, that’s my main workout during the week. Up and down the Santa Monica Mountains in 1,5 hour. Bam! 1200 calories burned! Every other weekend P and I also do a hike and twice a week I do some short workout routines on YouTube.

I tried to do a walk three times a week in the neighborhood and although I liked it it was so time consuming! Since I started hiking on my own I look forward to Wednesdays. Ha yes! I’m looking forward to Hump Day 😉 I’ll bet I’m the only one!

My hike is just great, it has beautiful views over the ocean, a paved path, lots of history marks and some great wildlife. Blue Jays, rabbits, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, lizards and even pheasants!
But apparantly there is also other wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains that I don’t see. Rattlesnakes, coyotes and even mountain lions!

Salmon sushi salad

Don’t you just love going out for some sushi? But be honest, how many times is it a disapointment? The rice is tasteless, the roll isn’t firm enough so it falls apart halfway to your mouth leaving soy sauce stains on your white shirt, or the salmon taste like water.

Salmon sushi salad p

Personally I like the salmon sushi rolls the most. With fresh salmon that is, without the cream cheese. Typically American, who made that up?! That’s not a very Japanese combination, isn’t it?

Did you ever tried to make sushi yourself? Well I did and it’s a hell of a job and leaves you with enormous amounts of sushi.