Ghee roasted sunchokes | in my Red Kitchen

Ghee roasted sunchokes

Ghee roasted sunchokes | in my Red Kitchen

Do you know sunchokes? No? And have you ever heard of Jerusalem artichokes? It’s the same root vegetable and it’s also called topinambour, earth apple, sunroot or earth pear (in Dutch it’s called earth pear or topinambour).

They look a little like bloathed ginger roots but they are actually the edible roots of a North American sunflower plant.


I really like this explanation of where the name ‘Jerusalem Artichoke’ came from

Creamy sunchoke soup


Two weeks (and a little bit) until Christmas! Waaaah, time flies! This will be my first Christmas in LA and -even though it’s cold lately- the weather will never be as bad as in the Netherlands. Christmas and sun, that sounds like the perfect combination to me 😉

This week I’m going to give you a full Christmas menu, first course, main course and dessert.

A while ago I promised myself to start cooking with ingredients I’ve never cooked before, like parsnip,