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Food Truck Tuesday – White chocolate Filipino rice pudding

Champorado, white chocolate Filipino rice pudding. Super easy to make and so delicious! | in my Red Kitchen

– Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> Filipijnse rijstpudding met witte chocola

For the past weeks, since April 8, every Tuesday I’ve been to the Food Truck Lot in Santa Monica, that’s quite often right? Okay, except for the two weeks I was in Amsterdam. But still that’s 6 Tuesday evenings in a row, haha! Last week, I didn’t meant going to the Food Trucks because there was enough food in the fridge, some remains of a cooking session that I did for my blog and barbecue leftovers from Memoral Day, the day before.

But my friends thought it was a good idea to meet at the Food Trucks so we could eat there all together. And heck, why not? At least the weather was perfect!
I love it to spread blankets and tarps on the grass and to order food from three different food trucks. Because yes, that’s what P and I did! I only skipped the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream afterwards because I already stuffed my face in truffle fries, everyday is not a Sunday 😉

And yet this week I give this ‘Food Truck Friday’ a festive touch with this delicious champorado, a Filipino rice pudding with white chocolate instead of dark chocolate. So yummy! Normally I never buy desserts at the food trucks, simply because I still want to lose weight and the fries are often my sin.
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