Garlic and black pepper croutons, it's great to always have some on hand!

Garlic and black pepper croutons

Garlic and black pepper croutons, it's great to always have some on hand!

Last weekend I went shopping with a friend, I left P and his mom at home and she left her husband and her cute toddler at home. Girl time!

I wasn’t really planning on buying something because I want to save up some money for when one of my sisters is coming to visit next month. She will be staying here for six (6!!) weeks and we have a lot of fun thing planned together: Disneyland (because that really ÍS the happiest place on earth I recently discovered), roadtrip to San Francisco (and back over the PCH – yay!) and a visit to Las Vegas (finally!).

My friend had some birthday money to spend so I just followed her around in the stores. Ok, and even though I was planning to buy something I did buy a cute cardigan and a new pair of sunglasses at LOFT (they were both on sale, does that count?) 😉

At one point we stopped by Sephora. Yikes! Those places freak me out, I feel so out of place there.

Roasted garlic and lentil soup

I wanted to post this recipe for a Roasted garlic and lentil soup here on this blog but somehow I ended up posting it on my Dutch blog first.

Gepofte knoflooksoep met linzen p


I love soup, but this will be the first soup recipe on this blog. Shame on me!

Maybe the weather in LA is still too good to start making soup? I don’t know about you but I guess I only think of soup in connection to fall or winter. Maybe I should promise myself to make a big pan of soup each week. Tomato soup with meatballs, Potato leek soup, Mushroom soup, Chick Pea soup,

Salmon sushi salad

Don’t you just love going out for some sushi? But be honest, how many times is it a disapointment? The rice is tasteless, the roll isn’t firm enough so it falls apart halfway to your mouth leaving soy sauce stains on your white shirt, or the salmon taste like water.

Salmon sushi salad p

Personally I like the salmon sushi rolls the most. With fresh salmon that is, without the cream cheese. Typically American, who made that up?! That’s not a very Japanese combination, isn’t it?

Did you ever tried to make sushi yourself? Well I did and it’s a hell of a job and leaves you with enormous amounts of sushi.