Baby announcement 'in my Red Kitchen' #sushi #baby #babyannouncement

Want to hear a secret?

Baby announcement 'in my Red Kitchen' #sushi #baby #babyannouncement

You might have noticed that I was a little absent the last two months.

Since two months, I don’t eat sushi anymore (ok, the sushi with the raw fish). Since two months, I don’t drink alcohol (and oh my how I miss those spontaneous cocktails). Since two months I use cart wipes when I grab a shopping cart in the supermarket. Since two months I can’t stand vegetables. Since two months, I also can’t stand pasta with tomato sauce. Since two months I’m craving potatoes, and especially mashed potatoes. Since two months I don’t go hiking (ok, maybe that also has a little to do with those coyotes that I saw). Since two months I use a special veggie wash for the fruit I eat. Since two months I eat the food I grew up with (soft buns with chocolate sprinkles and cheese sandwiches! Nibbit chips! Rice with ragout! Crackers with cream cheese! Rice pudding!). Since two months I no longer drink raw pressed juices.

Since two months I lie mostly sick, weak and nauseous on the couch. Since two months I take a nap daily. Since two months I have to eat every two hours because otherwise I get nauseous and have to throw up. Since two months I go to bed between 10pm and 11pm instead around midnight, what I used to do. Since two months there is a box of breadsticks on my nightstand.

You probably already guessed it by now…