Nom nom nom tag

Uhm what?! Well… The nom nom nom tag is a list of questions for food bloggers, and when they answered it they should pass it on to other food bloggers. So it’s like a chain letter, but then fun. Because it’s about food and you get to know the person behind your favorite food blog.

Simone (Simone’s Kitchen) tagged me in her nom nom nom tag (Dutch only) and now it’s my turn.
Let’s go! (& I promise to keep it short 😛 )

What kind of food do you like that others don’t like (& vice versa)
Wow that’s a hard one! I do like some weird combinations like raisin bread with liver paté

Weekend finds: Artisanal LA

So my husband bought a black BMW convertible last week… Early mid-life crisis? 😉 No, just a boy’s dream 🙂 Too bad the weather wasn’t that good in LA last week, but luckily the sun came out again last weekend.

Artisanal LA


We were thinking of taking the car for a ride and drive up to the Palisades or Malibu to go hiking, but instead I stumbled upon Artinasal LA on Twitter. They were organizing a Fall Show in Downtown LA. We rescheduled our hike to next weekend, when my brother and his girlfriend are here, and we drove east to DTLA with some cash and empty bags.

This was the first time I heard about Artisanal LA but their website explains exactly what it is about: Artisanal LA is a pop-up community event with weekend long seasonal shows and shops celebrating the city’s finest local, sustainable and handmade edibles.