California hot dog - a healthier twist on fast food | in my Red Kitchen

Food Truck Tuesday: California hot dog

California hot dog - a healthier twist on fast food | in my Red Kitchen – Click here for this recipe in Dutch -> California hotdog

Aaaaaand… another one! I already promised you a second hot dog recipe. For this second edition of Food Truck Tuesday I was planning to make the Chili dog I had at our first visit of an LA food truck.

And right before I was planning to make them we ran into the Dogtown Dogs truck again, this time at the LACMA at a Sunday when we went to the La Brea Tar Pits. We were into a small and quick lunch at 3pm. Yes, on Sundays we always take it slow and easy 🙂

Chicken Meatballs

I bought a bike last week! It’s so nice to ride again, I didn’t ride a bike for 8 weeks, the longest since I’ve learned to ride. So that would be 27 years or so 😉 The weather is so good here, and I enjoy to do some grocerie shopping with my new minty-green cruiser.


In Amsterdam I used riding my bike all the time. I didn’t even had a driver license until I was 29! So yes, that’s just 2 years ago 😉
In Amsterdam you need a bike, you can’t live there without having one. Owning a car isn’t necessary, to be precise it’s only annoying. You need a parking permit and even then it’s hard to find a parking spot. In the city centre (where we used to live) the streets are narrow and you’ll get easily stuck in traffic.

Chicken meatballs p