Cherimoya cookies #FearNoFruit | in my Red Kitchen

Cherimoya cookies

Cherimoya cookies #FearNoFruit | in my Red Kitchen Have you ever hear of ‘cherimoya’? I totally adore the name, it sounds so sweet and cute!

I’m the kind of girl that walks around the grocery store with an iPhone in her hand to google search the products she doesn’t know. Okay, and to use ‘Buy me a pie‘, my favorite grocery shopping list app.

A few weeks ago -while my sister was with me- we spotted a new-to-us fruit at the Wholefoods. Wikipedia told us that cherimoya is a

Tropical Smoothie and a Juice Cleanse

Tropical smoothie


As long as I can remember I have been overweight, even as a early teenager I was always the fattest. Years ago I managed to lose 57 lbs but now 37 of them are back. And I hate it…
The Ellen in my head is thinner than the Ellen in real life. Seeing myself on pictures makes me sad, that’s not who I am on the inside!

I can live with the fact that I will never be a thin girl, but I can’t accept how fat I am now.
I mean, look at me! I hate myself looking like this: